About BPL


Our dream is: A welcoming community where all people can explore, learn and connect.

To realize our dream: We empower the community to engage with and share stories, ideas and information.


Our vision is a vibrant community where all people are informed, literate and entertained.


All of Burnaby Public Library's actions and decisions are grounded in a set of share values:

Intellectual Freedom
We encourage the free exchange of information and ideas in a democratic society.

We treat everyone with respect and work in partnership with our communities.

We are future focused, looking for creative solutions to meet existing and emerging needs. 

We are open, transparent and accountable.

Family at McGill

Annual report

2017 Burnaby Public Library Annual Report [PDF]

Strategic plan

Library Services Strategy 2015-2018 [PDF]

Find past reports and publications for information about Burnaby Public Library dating back to 2007.