About BPL


Burnaby Public Library provides access to a rich array of the world's stories, ideas and information.


Our vision is a vibrant community where all people are informed, literate and entertained


Intellectual Freedom
The library encourages the free exchange of information and ideas in a democratic society.

The library is a valuable community resource and a public place where everyone is welcome. The library is committed to working in partnership with community groups and organizations.

The library is future focused, looking for better solutions to meet existing and emerging needs. 

Stewardship and accountability
The library is accountable to its patrons and funders, and practices effective stewardship of library resources. The library's decision-making processess are open and transparent to the community.

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Annual report

2017 Burnaby Public Library Annual Report [PDF]

Strategic plan

Library Services Strategy 2015-2018 [PDF]

Find past reports and publications for information about Burnaby Public Library dating back to 2007.