If you’ve visited our website before, you’re likely noticing that things look a little different. Read on to learn what's changed and why.

As the new website settles in, we’ll make improvements based on your feedback. There’s a form at the bottom of this page if you want to let us know about something that doesn’t work for you.

What's changed?

  • A fresh look and feel with easier-to-read type and a more vibrant tone
  • Improvements for people who use smartphones and tablets
  • Fully refreshed information to remove what’s out of date, and to make current information simpler to use
  • Faster search of core website pages, with more places to launch a search of the catalogue
  • Reorganized information to make everything the library does more accessible

That last point is particularly important and we’d like to talk about it some more. We know that for long-time patrons a new website takes a bit of adjustment. What we prioritize, how we present things, and even the names of some familiar things will be different.

Behind all that is one big truth: the role of libraries has been changing, and we’re changing along with it. Gone are the days when the library was just a place for borrowing books and quiet study. The growth of digital technology has seen libraries add online resources like e-books and digital resources, as well as capacity to teach people how to use them. We’re also the place that many turn to for the computers and connectivity that they may not have at home, and as a place to connect with people and ideas.

Libraries are serving increasingly diverse communities. Our visitors are not just life-long readers, but can include people new to Burnaby, people who might have grown up in a different culture and language, and people who are facing challenging life circumstances.

The new design works hard to make the full range of library services easier to understand. By making room for more people, especially those who have yet to become BPL people, we’re making a library that can do more in changing times, and be a more accurate reflection of those who make up the city of Burnaby.

Your Website Feedback

The changes don’t stop at launch — we’ll be refining and adjusting for the next few months. We’re happy to hear your thoughts on any part of it, from technical problems to questions about where to find something, to suggestions for improvement.

Please use the form below to talk to us about the new website. Just like any other part of the library, we want to hear from you.

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