Burnaby Public Library is pleased to announce that Sue Choy and Maité Mayeta Cumba are the 2022 recipients of the Picard Trust Awards. Both Maité and Sue attend the School of Information at the University of British Columbia, and will receive a scholarship of $2,500 each to apply toward their Master of Library and Information Studies.

I am thrilled and honored to receive The Picard Award from Burnaby Public Library. From a young age I realized that education was my way out of poverty and the only way to thrive and succeed in life. I feel like I am finally being recognized for my many years of determination and hard work. With this award Burnaby is taking a leadership position and it is my dream that more local libraries will make a real effort to support minorities and people of colour to bring equal representation to the library field. It is a huge encouragement and affirmation for me to be receiving this award.

-Maité Mayeta Cumba

It is an honour to be one of the first recipients of the Picard Trust Award. To me, the establishment of the Picard Award for BIPOC staff acknowledges that BPL is working towards becoming a more inclusive and equitable organization which will result in better reflecting the diverse we community serve, and create a safer and more welcoming environment for BIPOC staff. It took me over twenty years to finally decide to pursue a Librarianship degree, because growing up and even into my adulthood, I never saw librarians who looked like me. I hope that my example will encourage other BIPOC staff considering a future in librarianship to go for it!

-Sue Choy

Congratulations to Maité and Sue, and we’re wishing you the best as you complete your programs!