Get some extra daylight this winter with a Light Therapy Lamp!

During the fall and winter months we experience more darkness as the days get shorter and the temperature drops. Many people experience seasonal mood changes with the shift in weather and loss of daylight.

Light therapy lamps are designed to combat these effects by mimicking spring and summer light levels. They reproduce the effects of natural sunlight without UV rays, and can help to enhance your mood, energy, sleep and focus. Although it’s not a cure, light therapy can help ease the symptoms of “winter blues” and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Each kit comes with a lamp, stand, power adapter and instructions for use. Plug in the lamp, and position it six to 24 inches away from you. Make sure the light is shining on your face, but not directly into your eyes. It’s recommended that you use the light for 15 minutes to one hour each session, however each person's response to light therapy will vary. It is important to find the settings, distance and time that are most comfortable for you

Light Therapy Lamps are a part of our Curiosity Collection, where we lend out innovative items that connect people to new ideas, experiences and resources. If you are affected by the "winter blues", try a Light Therapy Lamp to see if it's the right fit for you. Place a hold and borrow one for free with your library card.

Burnaby Public Library is not liable for any health issues related to the use of the lamp. It’s a good idea to talk to a health care professional before starting light therapy. Use the Light Therapy Lamp at your own risk.

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