What is Teen Advisory Group?

The Teen Advisory Group (TAG) is a diverse and inclusive group of teens from across Burnaby who want to make the library better for themselves and for other teens. As a member of TAG, you can help to advise, plan, create and promote library services as the voice of the teen Burnaby community.

The library belongs to teens as much as anyone else in the community, and we want to know what you'd like to see from us. Whether it's physical space, stuff you can borrow, programs you wish we had, or places you wish we visited.

We'll usually meet online over Zoom and sometimes in person at Tommy Douglas Library. At in-person meetings, food and refreshments are provided.

How do I join?

All teens are welcome to join, including those who come to the library regularly and those who have never used the library before. Just come to a meeting to see if it's for you.

We ask people who join the Teen Advisory Group to be willing to share ideas in a group, and to be willing to think about issues in your community.

Can I earn community service credits?

Yes! All teens who participate in meetings get two hours of community service. Reference letters can be requested.

When does TAG meet?

TAG usually meets on the first Wednesday of each month, from 4:30 to 6:00pm.

Check our Activities and Events page for upcoming meetings.

Activities and events