The purpose of this policy is to establish parameters for donations and sponsorship.

Policy Statement and Details

Burnaby Public Library is a public institution funded primarily by taxes from the local and provincial governments. While recognizing the legitimacy and primacy of tax revenue in providing library service, the Library Board acknowledges the importance of gifts and donations from individuals, non-profit organizations and private enterprise in enhancing library service.

Monetary donations and in-kind gifts may be accepted by the Burnaby Public Library at the discretion of the Chief Librarian. The library reserves the right to refuse gifts and donations that may not be in keeping with the goals, policies and standards of the library.

Significant gifts requiring special acknowledgment will be considered and approved in advance by the Library Board.

Donors’ suggestions for the final disposition of all monetary donations and in-kind gifts that are accepted will be given due consideration. However, donations and gifts are accepted on the understanding that the Library has complete jurisdiction over the disposal of such gifts.

Gifts of money and real property are accepted as long as any conditions attached thereto are acceptable to the Library Board.

The Library is a charitable institution and will issue income tax receipts for cash donations upon request. Tax receipts for donations of real property may be issued upon the approval of the Chief Librarian.

Endowment Fund and Trusts

In order to provide a continuing source of income to enhance the quality of library service in Burnaby, the Library Board maintains the Burnaby Public Library Endowment Fund.

Any person, corporation or entity may donate or bequeath real or personal property to the Endowment Fund. In addition to a General Purpose Fund, the Library Board may establish a separate trust under the Endowment Fund umbrella to acknowledge significant donations. The Library Board may agree to specific requirements for expenditure of the interest generated from these special trusts.

The capital of the Endowment Fund consists of donations to the Library and interest generated by the investment of Endowment Fund capital. The Endowment Fund capital is invested by the City of Burnaby acting on behalf of the Library Board.

Interest income generated by the Endowment Fund may be disbursed according to the Library's Annual Budget as approved by the Library Board. A portion of interest will be left in the Endowment Fund annually to ensure that the principal increases at a rate not less than the current rate of inflation.

Donations of books and other materials

The Library does not accept gifts and donations of books and other materials. In exceptional circumstances, donations of significant value may be added to the Library’s collection at the discretion of the Chief Librarian or designate.


The Chief Librarian, in consultation with the Library Board, will decide if an organization or group will be considered for potential sponsorship. Such organizations and groups must be considered appropriate and compatible with the library’s policies, mission and values. Such organizations will be recognized through appropriate means, such as the use of the company logo on promotional materials or, recognition in the media.

Last reviewed 2022-03-17