The purpose of this policy is to identify when it is appropriate for staff and trustees to accept gifts.

Policy Statement and Details

To preserve the image and the integrity of staff, trustees and the library, gifts other than items of low intrinsic value (i.e. pens, chocolates, donuts, calendars) are to be courteously returned to the giver. It is recognized that moderate hospitality is an accepted courtesy of a business relationship.

Under no circumstance will staff or trustees accept cash, gift certificates or cash cards. Staff can advise potential givers that a tax deductible gift to the Library’s Endowment Fund may be made through the Library’s Administration Department.

It is the personal responsibility of each employee and trustee to ensure that the acceptance of meals, refreshments, entertainment or gifts is proper and could not reasonably be construed in any way as an attempt by the offering party to secure favourable treatment. If staff or trustees have any doubt that a gift may be appropriate, they are to courteously state that it would be inappropriate for them to accept the gift and decline.

Employees who find themselves in a real, perceived or potential conflict of interest situation must disclose the matter immediately to their branch or department manager.

Last reviewed 2019-12-12