The purpose of this policy is to define policies for use of and membership of Burnaby Public Library.

Policy Statement and Details

Burnaby Public Library services are freely available to all. Some services, for example lending materials and accessing electronic resources, are only available to library cardholders. Persons who

  • reside in Burnaby;
  • own property in Burnaby;
  • operate a business in Burnaby;
  • are an employee of the City of Burnaby, the Burnaby Board of Education, Burnaby Hospital or Metro Vancouver;
  • attend/are employed by a tax supported educational institution within the City; or
  • reside in an InterLINK community.

are eligible for a Burnaby Public Library card.

Burnaby Public Library may create other card types to provide access to specific services, or to provide different borrowing limits, fines or other criteria to particular groups of people.

Borrowing privileges may be cancelled or suspended when a card holder has violated library policies or exceeds the maximum allowable fines or overdue items.

The BC Library Act authorizes the Library Board to suspend library privileges for breaches of library rules and to exclude from the library anyone who behaves in a disruptive manner or damages library property. Staff only restrict access to library services or premises when an individual’s behaviour is demonstrably disruptive. Where feasible, users are to be given the opportunity to change inappropriate behaviour prior to sanctions being imposed.

Information on individuals banned for more than one month will be provided to the Library Board. A ban of more than three months must be approved by the Library Board. Suspended individuals may appeal their ban to the Library Board, and will be informed of the right to appeal in writing.

Last reviewed 2019-12-12