The purpose of this policy is to affirm Burnaby Public Library’s commitment to free library service and to identify exceptions where fees may be charged.

Policy Statement and Details

Burnaby Public Library is, and must be seen to be, an institution available to all members of the community. Burnaby Public Library will not charge fees to enter buildings, borrow collection items or access information except as noted below. To do so would inhibit access for those unable to pay and has the potential to allow those with greater ability to pay to unduly influence the development of library services.

The Library may charge such fees or impose such fines and other penalties as it deems necessary in order to ensure fair use of its services or to ensure return of borrowed material. However, the library has also long established its commitment to access and inclusion through an empathetic approach to fines and fees that allows staff to use their judgment in the waiving of charges for patrons.

When a library service or product benefits an individual and not other library users (e.g. photocopies), the library may levy a fee.

The library may pass on to the user charges levied by external service providers, for example interlibrary loan when a charge is made by the lending library.

Last reviewed 2019-12-12