Curious about birds in your area? Get outside and explore the world of birds and nature with our Birding Backpack!
Red naped sapsucker
Red-naped Sapsucker

Bird watching (or birding) is an activity for people of all ages and abilities, and our Birding Backpacks are for beginner birders, avid birders, and people who are just curious to try. Bird with your family, with friends, or on your own. Try identifying birds, as well as other things in nature, like plants, flowers, butterflies and moths.

Birding Backpack
Birding Backpack

The Birding Backpack is part of our Curiosity Collection and supports STEAM learning through observation of the natural world.

To borrow a Birding Backpack all you need is your library card. You can borrow a Birding Backpack for 28 days.

Birding Tips
  • You can bird any time of the year!
  • Some of the best places to bird in Burnaby are Burnaby Lake, Burnaby Mountain and Deer Lake.
  • If you wear glasses, collapse the eye cups on your binoculars by twisting left or right for easier viewing.
  • If you are looking at a bird, bring your binoculars up to your eyes without taking your eyes off the bird. Note some other feature or landmark near the bird's location and where the bird is in relation to it. This will give you another reference point.
  • Protect habitat by using trails, pathways and roadsides to avoid trampling vegetation and degrading habitat.
  • Bird responsibly wherever you are and have fun!

Find more tips and information in the birding backpack.

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