How do I get help with databases?

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A valid Burnaby Public Library card and personal identification number (PIN) are required to access BPL databases from home. When you select a database from our Databases A to Z page, you'll be prompted to enter these two pieces of information.

See below for solutions to problems with Safari Books Online, Library to Go and other electronic resources.

Problems with Safari Books Online

Safari Books Online times out after 20 minutes of inactivity. If you need to view a single page for an extended period, try scrolling up or down the page from time to time to avoid being logged out.

If you are presented with a preview screen in Safari, either because you have been logged out by the website, or because you have logged out on your own, clear your browser's history, close your browser and begin a new session:

  • In Internet Explorer: Go to Tools > Delete Browsing History > Delete History
  • In Firefox: Go to Tools > Clear Recent History
  • In Google Chrome: Click the wrench icon in the browser toolbar > Tools > Clear Browsing Data

Remember to close all browser windows and begin a new browser session before trying again.

Problems with Library to Go

There are solutions to many common Library to Go issues available through OverDrive Help and Libby Help

If the Library to Go login page doesn't load or displays an error message: try clearing your browser history (including your browser's cache, active sessions, etc), close all browser windows, and try again. Instructions are available online for most browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. You can also try using a different browser.

Other connection problems

Problems connecting to our databases are usually related to security settings in your browser, firewall or anti-virus software. There is also a separate, known problem with Safari Books Online (see above).

The default settings in some firewall and anti-virus software do not allow the type of authentication we use (EZproxy) to work. If you encounter problems, try the following:

  • Turn off the Internet security software on your computer. (This could be a firewall, anti-virus software or ad-blocker in your browser).
  • Try to connect to the database again.
  • If it then works, you know your Internet security software must be adjusted.
  • To resolve the issue, change your Internet security settings to allow cookies from our EZproxy server (

Still need help?

If after trying the above, you still cannot connect please contact us (phone 604-436-5400 or contact us by email) with the following information:

  • your BPL barcode number and PIN
  • the name of the database you're trying to access
  • whether or not you are able to connect to our other databases
  • details about the error message are you getting
  • the name of the browser or app and version number are you using (e.g. Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3. You can find this info in the app store or online)
  • how are you connecting to the Internet (e.g. dial-up, ADSL, cable, network)
  • details about the firewall or other Internet security software you have on your computer

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